Celtics Pride Redux

Now that the Boston Celtics have risen from the ashes and made it to the NBA Finals, it is time to dust off an obscure bit of wacky memorabilia. It is the song Celtics Pride (1.6 MB mp3), sung by a group that called themselves The High Five.

My apologies for the audio quality, or lack thereof, but this 45 is so warped it’s amazing it plays at all. It has been sitting in my record collection unplayed since the heyday of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish. And when you listen to it, you’ll know why it was unplayed. I may have just posted the worst song ever recorded. But since I’ve searched and can’t find this anywhere else on the Web, I feel like it is my duty to post it.

Be warned, it is incredibly corny. You have to really have loved the C’s in the 80’s to get through the 1 minute and 45 seconds.

And yet, I could never throw it away for the last quarter century. There is something to the pure, unabashed goofiness of it. If Lakers fans needed any more reason to hate Boston, this will give them fuel for the fire.

I have more Celtics 80’s audio that I will post as soon as I figure out how to chop it up into manageable bits. I have two championship recap LPs, one from 1981 and one from 1984. I’ll start with the ’84 LP, since that was the year we beat the Lakers, and probably the most fun I ever had as a basketball fan.


6 Responses to “Celtics Pride Redux”

  1. john ritchie Says:

    Holy smokes. Someone just sent me this. I am, along with Jeff Young, the co-author of Celtics Pride and founder of the High Five. I still have one unwarped record, and a digital version of the song.

    And the song went through many, many iterations. Every time a player was traded, we had to re-record it to include the new player’s name.

    I’m really interested in finding out who put this site up. We have a lot of hilarious stories about the recording, dealing with the Celtics and various radio stations, and, ultimately, singing the song live at City Hall Plaza.

    So, if you read this message, drop me a line. (And send the long-awaited royalty check.)

    • I know it’s a long shot after all this time but if either John Ritchie or Jeff Young reads this, I’d like a broadacast quality digital copy of the song to play on my show. It’s licensed through the major song publishing companies so royalties would be earned if I play it. Contact me through WePlayItForLaughs.com.

  2. Peter Consalvi Says:

    I have seven clean copies of the of the 45’s. Are they worth anything.


  3. Cathy Goode Says:

    My husband, John Goode was one of the original “High Five” and would love to have a digital copy of this. How can I get one for him?

  4. Incredible!!!

  5. Mark "Pathfinder" Epstein Says:

    Just Awesome! Never heard it before… PRICELESS!!!!!

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