I Dig This Drive

So I’m digging in the front yard this afternoon, planting a dogwood tree. When something in a shovelful of dirt catches my eye. It’s neither root, rock, nor worm. It is a 2GB ibd USB drive.


I lost this drive last summer, and now I know exactly when. It was when I re-seeded part of the front lawn. The drive must have been in my pocket, fallen into the dirt, and gotten buried. It was in the ground for about a year, subject to plenty of water, a harsh New England winter, bugs, and who knows what else. Still, once I wiped off the dirt, it looked pretty decent. A little rusty.


Some roots growing in the strap.


Dare I plug it in and see if it still worked? Yeah, I dare. At first it wouldn’t fit into the USB port, but I scraped some rust off with my thumbnail, and voila. The thing mounted immediately, and all my old data was still there. Amazing.


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