Turning the Table, Old School

To go along with my junky collection of old vinyl, I have a junky old all-in-one turntable, an Audiotronics 304A.


I bought it at a library book sale around 1996 in Weymouth, MA. I think I paid $6 for the thing. The library had a whole bunch of them for sale, that they probably tossed in a dumpster at the end of the day. Mine’s in pretty good shape. It needs a good cleaning, but it plays fine for its age. No damage anywhere, other than some marker writing on one side.


Similar ones on eBay seem to be going for $20 or so.

I am quite fond of this relic, since it is the exact kind that I grew up hearing records on at school. Back in the day, these things were as ubiquitous as they were indestructible. I heard everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to Peter and the Wolf on one of these beige music tanks. In my Facebook 20 Albums post, I referenced the educational joys of listening Led Zep and AC/DC in my sixth grade art class. This was the kind of turntable that brought me the dulcid tones of Robert Plant and Bon Scott.

It’ll play anything from 16 to 78 RPM.


The turntable itself gives new meaning to the phrase “Heavy Metal.” I don’t think I could dent it with a hammer.


The inside cover sports instructions you can’t lose. I love it. But they make me jealous that I don’t have the model with a microphone jack.


It even has a swanky integrated mood light, which the manual coldy refers to as “Illuminated Pilot Lamp Post.” I call it groovy.



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