Vinyl From the Edge of Oblivion, vol. 2

Welcome to the second installment of vinyl from the edge of oblivion (aka the junky LPs I pick up from the town recycling center on Saturdays). They stick to me like lint.

First up, some real drinking music.

Let’s hope he handed over the keys to the Volkswagen.


After 60 gallons of alcohol, even accordion music sounds great.


Next up: polkas by Papa Smurf and his smurf band (complete with a fraulein smurfette).


Somebody check the dog’s pulse.


There’s nothing like a tall frosty beverage and thick medium-rare zither.


Is it me, or is there a vibe going on here?


Ah, the 70s, when the future was all laser guns and feathered bangs.


Beware the Skexis! This one came with a mint condition poster. Sweet.


The story goes that Gershwin was inspired to write Rhapsody in Blue on the train to Boston. I’m guessing he wasn’t riding the MBTA.



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