Alphabet Chair

Last weekend I was treated to a wonderful birthday weekend on the Cape, full of fun and surprises. Among the superlatives, we saw the most beautiful alley in the world (spotless and festooned with Christmas lights), the most awesome dog in the world (a Boston terrier who was so perfect I pondered the possibilities of dognapping), and the most excellent chair in the world. 

The chair sits in front of the Eight Cousins children’s book store on Main St. in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Why is it the most excellent? Behold. 

 The Alphabet Chair

Not only is the alphabet playfully wrought into rolling comfy curves, but each letter has the texture of something that begins with that letter. A for animals, B for buttons, C for coral, and so on.

Alphabet chair

W for waffles was my favorite. With a little syrup, I might’ve taken a bite of wrought iron. 

 Alphabet Chair W

For kids, this is a chair they can read (or sing). It’s also a game to guess some of the more subtle textures. The only thing better than seeing, singing, or reading this chair is, well, sitting in it. 

two kids sitting in the Alphabet Chair


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