Top Ten Demented Holiday Records

I doubt it would surprise anyone who knows me to find out that I was once a card carrying member of the Dr. Demento fan club. Back before the dawn of time (OK, the early 80’s) I used to tape the shows and listen to them till my cassettes died. One of my favorite shows was the Christmas show at the end of each year. Now those songs are on an iPod instead of a Panasonic cassette player, but I love them just as much if not more. So here are my all time favorite deee-mented holiday records.

10. Christmas Time (Is Here Again) – Beatles

The four lads at the top of their game. Bursting with the weird wit and wordplay of John, before it grew avant garde incomprehensible (thanks, Yoko). It’s Python before there was Python.

9. What Can U Get a Wookie For Christmas – Meco

Painful! Like the Star Wars Holiday Special. The audio equivalent of a toothache you can’t stop poking with your tongue. And yet, I listen to it every year. Help. Bonus trivia: Jon Bon Jovi on the LP, singing “R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

8. Santa Claus and His Old Lady – Cheech and Chong

Gave a whole new spin to “Santa’s magic dust.”

7. Dominck the Donkey – Lou Monte

Eee-aw, eee-aw!

6. Christmas Dragnet – Stan Freeberg and Daws Butler

Two of the the greatest voices in comedy crack the case of proving there really is a Santy Claus for old man Grudge.

5. Chanukah Song – Adam Sandler

I’m not a Sandler fan, but I have to give it up for anyone rhyming “Veronica” with Chanukah”.

4. Daddy’s Christmas – Albert Brooks and Little Kristi

I liked this one as a kid; love it as a dad. Only Albert Brooks could deliver the line, “I wonder if through sheer stupidity children aren’t just as smart as any grown up,” and you know he’s right.

If the straight-up Chipmunk Christmas Song gets under your skin, this is the antidote. Canned Heat rips into a blistering riff that drowns out Alvin and Co. But a little something gets passed around the studio that helps the little rodent “get with it,” and all is well.

2. I Was Santa Claus for the PTA – Yogi Yorgesson/I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas – Yogi Yorgesson

Yogi Yorgesson (aka Harry Stewart) had a group of Christmas novelty records in the 40’s and 50’s. These two vintage slices of Christmas cheer bring to mind holidays from a simpler time, but they’re yust as funny as dey ver all dos years ago.

1. The Twelve Gifts of Christmas – Allan Sherman

Put this one on and it’s Christmas in Camelot with JFK’s favorite musical funny man. Someday I’m going to ask Santa for a Nakashuma Mark IV Japanese transistor radio with the leatherette case. Till then, I’ll just keep asking for “all that other stuff.”

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Demented Night.


2 Responses to “Top Ten Demented Holiday Records”

  1. mark howleds Says:

    Tried to hear the Albert Brooks record but the link is incorrect. Do you have the right link, I would love to hear it. Thanks. Mark.

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