Seattle Stroll

Pics from my 7 hour stroll thru the streets of Seattle with J.C. Tremblay, 5/15/10

The first of many beasties I shot that day.

Say “cheese.”

Some random local landmark. The name of which escapes me.

We wandered into a cheese festival. Awesome! This man’s parmesan won the Best Cheese in America.

Pike Place: cool hats by a local artist.

Pike Place: gorgeous flowers by the bucketful.

Pike Place: sea creatures on ice, for a price.

The Arctic Club Hotel. Guarded by an army of walruses.

The scotsman in me was almost tempted. Wonder if they carry my tartan…

The good Chief.

Denizen of Pioneer Square.

The Underground Tour. Tour guide Amy was great.

The view from under the sidewalk.

Seattle’s original water pipes (aka hollowed out logs).

Me and one of the locals.

They do love their totems, don’t they?

Me at the oasis.

The SciFi museum & monorail.

SciFi museum detail.

Mt. Whatsitsname.

The best $2.50 I ever spent: to get from Downtown to the airport in an immaculate train. Seattlites I hope you realize how good you have it.


4 Responses to “Seattle Stroll”

  1. It was a gorgeous day and a real pleasure. My feet still hurt from that 7h walk but it was worth.

  2. As if I was already jealous of your trip. Great sights!

  3. james wamser Says:

    Great pictures Mike. Had a great time in Seattle.

  4. David Blatner Says:

    Great pictures, Mike! You and J-C really took in ALL the sights.

    (Yes, the train to the airport is cool, but for most of us — especially on the “east side” — it’s too hard to get to.)

    It was great seeing you at the PeP conference.

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