Philly-Hershey Pix

Here are some pics from our recent trip to Philadelphia and Hershey, PA.


Take me out to the ballgame!

Hot dog cannon? Genius.

Water ice. Yum!

The view from the cheap seats.

We needed a few more of these that night.

A beautiful ballpark.

Independence Hall, where they worked on the Declaration of, uh, I forget. Something important, I’m sure.

Note the original spelling.

A boy and a bell.

Hope they saved the receipt.

On the trolley tour.

Franklin’s grave. The man makes $3000/yr in pennies.

From the Antique Auto Museum. When a trunk was really a trunk.

And a horn was really a horn.

Is this a car or a chair you can drive? Either way, I want one.

Love the stoner headlights on the 1930 DuPont.

And the Art Deco bumper on the 1935 Brewster.

I bet this hood ornament weighs 10 pounds.

Nothing says 1950s like stainless steel cars.

Mr. Arc Welder.

One gorgeous go-cart by Briggs and Stratton.

Loved the diner.

iPod’s great great great grandfather.

Get on the bus.

Negro baseball league bus.

Women’s baseball league bus.

Forrest Gump bus.

The Hershey Kissmobile. Hope it’s full of chocolate.

A trip to Zoo America.


It’s the milk chocolate!

Nice to be back in the old cabin.

Charlie perfects the stretch n’ text.

Like brother and sister.

The kids.

Jill and Brian.


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