Vinyl From The Edge of Oblivion, Part III

Let’s kick off 2011 with a few goodies from my recent raids of the recycling center.


This lady knows how to throw a serious elbow.

I think this perfectly illustrates the true meaning of Christmas.

I love the juxtapostion of these next two. Songs for guys to sing during the long haul.

I am a huge Rockwell King fan, and was very psyched to find this LP. For those who aren’t familiar with Rock (which is probably everyone), he’s been playing mind blowing boogie woogie piano punctuated with stand up comedy bits for over 50 years at the SandBar in West Dennis, MA. Here’s a sample.

I love the caricature of Sgt. Bilko and I’m a sucker for cutout designs.

Another comedy piece from the 60s, though I have my doubts about its hilariousness.

Nobody can comb hair like the Killer.

I got a bunch of these Ed Sullivan Presents LPs. This was my favorite. Must be the Scot in me channeling my inner tartan.


One Response to “Vinyl From The Edge of Oblivion, Part III”

  1. Truckers, Ed Sullivan, the Ventures, what’s not to like? I love old LP covers; the record bin is one of the first places I hit in a thrift store. The Ventures covers are always great.

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